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Well after 11 years in the ether, TCOL is back. If you have any ideas for the site and content then don’t hesitate to get in touch: you can use the contact form via the menu above, call in at number 46 for a chat or pop a note in the door. If you would like to register and contribute to the site then use the register link on the “Home” menu. We also have a forum area for general discussion. Note that I do not intend this site to become a platform for people to hurl abuse at each other. Pithy debate is one thing and unhealthy haranguing is another.

I would welcome some help too if anyone would like help managing this site. I have dropped a slip of card with the address of this site in all the letter boxes in the Crescent and those in Thornhill Close and The Greenaway: should there be separate areas on the website for those locations? Let me know what you think.

Please spend some time looking at the  PBL website, we ( the people in the Podsmead Ward) have been awarded 1 MILLION pounds to spend over the next 10 years and we have a lot of freedom about how we spend it. Please take part in the debates about how it should be spent. Pop on over to the PBL website and take a look.

Charlie Markwick