Bristol Road Development – The Planning Application

Well at long last we now know what the developers would like to do.

If you haven’t already seen the applications then you can see them here:- and

The journey so far has had a few problems namely:-

  • burning waste before the remediation started
  • using a curtain breaker to break up the concrete without advance notice which caught out the Council who were unable to put proper checks in place before the work had finished
  • I am told the destruction of trees that were marked for preservation.

However on the plus side my first viewing of the plans seems to show that the developers have kept their word about some key concerns we had at the time of the consultation:-

  • there is no vehicular access from Tuffley Crescent to Bristol Road
  • only a third of the dwellings are serviced via the Tuffley Crescent entrance.
  • 258 dwellings are proposed which is under the number listed in the outline application.
  • There is significant green space, a lot of which will be developed as Local Area for Play (LAP) and Local Equipped Area for Play (LEAP). See the LEAP and LAP docs at You can find out more about this play stuff at:

I’ll be interested to hear your views.

As an aside I’m puzzled. In the letter dated 20/03/15 it says we have a 21 day windows to comment on the plans. On the Council planning website it says that the “Neighbour Consultation Expiry Date”  is 16th May.  I have asked the planning department to clarify this for me.