Current Conditions Governing Work

Outline planning consent was granted in two parts by Gloucester City Council for the development. The first for the former Contract Chemicals site and the second for the former Wellman Graham and  St Gobain sites together. The full planning details can be read here:-

Outline Consent Former Contract Chemicals Site

… and here:-

Outline Consent Former Wellman Graham and St Gobain

I though it would be useful for us all, to list a few of the key ones:-

  1. Details of the appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of  buildings, requires further planning approval from Gloucester City Council for each phase of the development. This includes the layout of roads, public footpaths, boundaries and landscaping.
  2. Access to the site for construction traffic shall be directly from the Bristol Road.
  3. If unexpected contamination is found after development has begun, development must be halted on that part of the site affected by the unexpected contamination until action has been agreed by Gloucester City Council
  4. Bonfires are not permitted.
  5. During the construction phase no machinery shall be operated, no process shall be carried out and no deliveries taken at or despatched from the site outside the following times: Monday-Friday 7.30 am-6.00pm, Saturday 8.00 am-1.00 pm nor at any time on Sundays, Bank or Public Holidays.
  6. Various measures had to be agreed in advance of work being started. A key requirement was the provision of on site water in sufficient quantities to control dust.
  7. There were more requirements in the Contract Chemicals permission about the need to make sure that ground contamination is identified, notified to Gloucester City Council and controlled to avoid contaminating ground water and posing a risk to the public.
  8. The developer have to ensure that some trees are preserved and there are precise instructions as to how they are to be protected during the work. You can see the details of this If you click here. Scroll down and click on the link “View associated documents”. A new window will open, scroll down and find the link “Conditions 9,10 – Tree Protection Plan and Method Statement” that will give you chapter and verse as to which trees are to be protected and what steps the developer needs to take to protect them.